Single Print Area in Market Profile

The discussion about market profile cannot be complete without knowing single print area. Here are the details of the awaited single print area concept in market profile.

A single print is an area or segment on the Profile chart that only has a single column of activity. A single print can be made up of one or more TPOs, it can appear at the top, in the middle, or at the bottom of the Profile. When a single print appears at the top of the Profile structure, it is described as a selling tail. When it is observed at the bottom of the Profile chart, it is described as a buying tail, as can be seen in below figure.

However, when it appears within the Profile structure, it is described as a minus development or simply a single print, as can be seen in image. Single prints are significant structural elements on a Profile chart because they identify price levels where the long-term traders demonstrated either aggressive buying or selling behavior in the market. These aggressive levels of involvement provide us with insights about the sentiments of the long-term participants in the market. Furthermore, the price levels where this activity occurs eventually become reference levels as either support or resistance based on the type of activity that was involved.

Ankit Maheshwari

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