Gann Square of Nine – Free Tool for Support/Resistance Level

Gann Square of Nine is a mathematical model used for trading. Though it is completely based on the current market price. It does not take into consideration any sort of chart or previous data.

The concept of Gann Square is based on Gann Theory. If you want to use below tool, just enter the current market price.

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How to Use the Gann Square for NIFTY?

Please follow below steps to use the tool for NIFTY.

  • On a trading day, enter the NIFTY Future price at 9.30AM sharp.
  • Once done. just click on calculate button.
  • The tool will then calculate all levels for you instantaneously.
  • There are two prices : “Buy At” and “Sell At”.
  • Wait for either of these to hit.
  • Whichever amongst two hits first, keep the target then as next level and previous level as stoploss.
Enter Current Market Price
Resistance 1 Resistance 2 Resistance 3 Resistance 4 Resistance 5
Support 1 Support 2 Support 3 Support 4 Support 5
Recommendation based on Gann Theory:

Buy at / above:
   Stoploss :  

Sell at / below:
   Stoploss :  

In order to test this, just back-test this with any random data set of past. We know the results are great. But when you test, you will find that it gives you pretty good results. Remember, maintaining stop-loss is the key.

With every resistance level and support level, just keep on booking profit in parts. Remember, we are always open for feedback. If you have any, drop us the same on twitter.

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