NIFTY Option Chain Analysis – How to Become Profitable

We have created this online tool for easy analysis of Nifty option chain. The tool makes it easier for retail traders to understand option chain. Not just this but also how the market is reacting to the changes in index. If you keep a strict eye on the latest updates that happened in option chain, then there are higher chances of you being able to predict the next movement.

Note: You can find daily analysis of NIFTY for next trading session here.

So we decided to create a tool. Not just a tool but something which will convert huge data-set into relevant information. And all this is available in option chain. So in order to analyse daily, you need to bookmark this tool for nifty options.


  • – The data in this tool auto-refreshes after every five minutes. So if any silent writing is happening on far deep option, you can easily trace it.
  • – For people who do not understand the technical details, they can easily look at the trend being Bearish or Bullish.
  • – Interpretation column gives you an idea of the kind of updates that are happening. This includes ‘Long Liquidation‘, ‘Long Buildup‘, ‘Short Buildup‘ and ‘Short Covering‘.
  • – From Net OI (Open Interest) and Change in OI (Open Interest), one can have a look at the highlighted strike. This is where the next biggest support, resistance can be.
  • – We will soon update you with concept of median on change in open interest.

Many of us think that only option seller makes money. This is not true as they only have higher probability of profit. But if you are able to analyse option chain fast, profit is all yours.

Note: The tool is still in beta phase. Hence we would request you to provide feedback to us on Twitter.